Created by Artist/Polymath Joseph Peter

The power of sports to build positive bridges is unprecedented.  Association Football is the Worlds #1 Sport with more than 4 Billion fans globally.  The common love of football created both The African Book of Happiness and the successful campaign to adopt World Happiness Day™ - International Day of Happiness to inspire more optimism and happiness in the world. 


Football builds positive bridges and transcends nations, colors, creeds like no other sport played by every United Nations member state.  In honor of Josephs idol whom he first met in 1998 at the FIFA World Cup, an inspiration that set him on his life path form the beginning, we seek to adopt the next important day in the happiness thesis to be celebrated each year on October 23rd, the birthday of the most iconic number 10, living legend and 3 time FIFA World Cup™ Champion.


We are at a global/local tipping point in connectivity.  There are so many stakeholders in every country in the world who are  through the love of the Beautiful Game Live Positively ambassadors of sport.  This day is also for you and the amazing things that need international recognition because we are all co-founders of something as positive and global as football.  Together we are stronger.


International Day of Football™

Also to be Known As

World Soccer Day

International Day of Soccer™

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