Artist & Global Polymath Joseph Peter

Joseph Peter is one of the most traveled young artist/polymaths in the world. 


His work focuses on 10,000 hour equivalent innovations across multiple disciplines and mediums of IMAGE, LIGHT, CULTURE and SOUND. 


Josephs work is deeply rooted in an Italian Renaissance ideals consciousness combined with an off the beaten path unprecedented immersion across the developing world. 


Joseph an Italian and American citizen is the founder of a GLOBAL RENAISSANCE thesis



History and Foundation

In 2009, he created a photographic study of happiness during the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola which covered 50 African nations over several months.  He captured a selection of some of the most uplifting and inspiring imagery of the African people, while deeply surveying into the first hand impact of the MDG goals across the entire continent.   The iconic portraits depict African people of all ages, races, religions and nationalities, uniting them through the medium of happiness.  


2010 Press Release: The Coca-Cola Company

A special edition of The African Book of Happiness ( a positive image thesis) was given at the VIP gift to 2500 global leaders, dignitaries and stakeholders at the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa by Coca-Cola Chairman Muhtar Kent.  A special handmade edition was auctioned off by Christies at the Mandela Foundation Gala by Somali Artist Knaan and Joseph going for 100,000 RAND.  The Official Handmade Book 1 was presented by Joseph to Nelson Mandela the day after the 2010 World Cup final in his home with Africa Rising Founders, grandsons, Ndaba and Kweku Mandela.

In 2011 The Nytimes featured Joseph in his happiness factory surrounded by happiness energy art, the positive portraits from the The African Book of Happiness.


After meeting Mr Mandela Joseph was inspired to found a global day (originally uniting the world around a POSITIVE IMAGE of humanity, the common goal of happiness and Mandela-ism.  He enlisted Africa Rising Founders Ndaba and Kweku Mandela to continue this campaign of givehappiness and their grandfather and lead a coalition partnering with Dr Hamid Al-Bayati, Ambassador of Iraq to the United Nations, to champion and campaign the United Nations senior officials for a pop culture day of happiness rebranding the day the International Day of Happiness


Presentations of The African Book of Happiness were made as part of this campaign to early adopters and champions including the Chef de Cabinet, then:

- The 66th President of the General Assembly,

  H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar


- United Nations Secretary General 

  Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. 


Additional books were presented to Ambassador Lhatu Wangchuk of Bhutan to the UN to be given to Prime Minister and King of Bhutan to build proactive unity and consensus.

Joseph then wrote the first draft of the Resolution building on text from founding charter of the United Nations which Ambassador Al-Bayati and Joseph circulated back to the PGA's office.  After a few revisions through the PGA's office and finalizing the right date, The 66th President of the General Assembly, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar introduced the resolution to the UN general assembly on June 28th, 2012.  It was adopted by consensus, all 193 member nations, declaring March 20th of every year the official global day to celebrate and recognize Happiness as a universal goal.


Watch Joseph’s TEDxTeen Talk 2013 "givehappiness" hosted by Chelsea Clinton, about creating the African Book of Happiness and how Meeting Mr Mandela inspired the mission and campaign to create (World Happiness Day) International Day of Happiness.